Love, Sprinkel style

Love is trading in your cute little sports car so your wife can get a Suburban. Love is taking care of the kids for three days by yourself so your wife can go help her mom while she has gallbladder surgery. Love is a simple card on the counter, which could never come close to expressing how she really feels about him. Love is packing the kids a lunch with heart shaped sandwiches, strawberry milk, red velvet cupcakes, and chocolate covered strawberries. At least, that's what love looks like today at the Sprinkel house.

When you've been married for eight years and have four kids, Valentine's Day isn't all roses and candlelight. How we would have celebrated this day eight years ago, is almost comical now.

Our Valentine's Day now is less about big cheesy gestures and more about showing my love and appreciation for this big, awesome family of mine!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! xoxo

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(almost) valentine's day

The girls worked on their valentine cards for their classmates last night. We went to Michael's last night and picked up little pink and red paper bags, little heart clothespin clips, and about $50 worth of stickers (I wish I was joking!). Inside each bag, they put a ring pop, a conversation heart eraser, and a little handwritten note. For Emerson's class, the teacher provided us with a picture of each child to make it easier for them to hand them out (since most of them can't read yet!). Here's how they turned out:

They were pretty cute. We don't usually go all out around here for Valentine's Day. I usually just get the kids a little something and Jay and I try to go out to dinner at some point. I do enjoy going to the store the day after Valentine's Day and buying one of those big obnoxious heart-shaped boxes of chocolates for half price and eating the entire thing looking for the ones filled with coconut.

I'm usually more of a birthdays and Christmas kind of girl, but I'm going to try to do a little bit more for the other holidays too. I was looking on Pinterest for ideas to make them a special Valentine's dessert or something and came across all these cute ideas that other people (moms) have been up to!

Seriously, how cute are those?! They were just printed on matte photo paper at the Costco and then she added the lollipops! Totally want to do this for the girls next year!

And how cute would these be for Declan's class next year?

Here's a couple other cute (all food related) Valentine's Day ideas:

Now, I'm really hungry and want to go make cupcakes.


father/daughter dance

Tonight Jay is out with the girls on a date. It's the Father/Daughter Dance at their school. They looked so cute in their fancy dresses with their hair curled. Ava insisted they wear lip gloss. Jay even got them little corsages. They went out to dinner and are now spending the evening in the school gymnasium dancing with their friends and I'm sure demolishing their fancy dresses. Here are a few pictures I snapped before they left: