channeling my nesting

I sat down the other day and starting making a list of all the things I'd like to get done before the baby comes.  It might be the most massive, overwhelming list that ever was.  It includes everything from cleaning out the garage and attic to painting the foyer to organizing closets to moving Declan & Fifi into the same room.  But I've said it before, there's really nothing like a little nesting to get things going.  Yesterday we all spent some quality family time in the garage and got it all cleaned out.  Even though my giant bus Suburban won't fit anyway, it's nice to walk through without tripping over anything.  Here it is:

  Now we just have to keep it like that!  Today while Jay was at work, I tackled the pantry.  I even broke out the label maker and put some plastic bins on the top shelf and labeled their contents. 

I also designated one cork tile (on the inside of the pantry door) to holding coupons and the other to recipes I use all the time.  See?

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  1. Did you read The Happiness Project? It seems right up your "decluttering" soul. Hope you are well!