Fifi's big fall

How did the Sprinkels spend the hottest day of the year? Not at the pool or on a boat.  Not even hunkered down in the cool basement watching movies or playing board games.  Nope, Jay and I spent a good two and a half hours in the emergency room with Fifi who took a little tumble and banged her head on the staircase.  Luckily, my mom and little sister were in town so they stayed behind with the rest of the kids.  I can't even imagine what fun that taking all the Sprinkel babies to the emergency room would have been, had this happened during the week when I'm by myself.  At least Jay and I were both able to be there with her.  Fifi ended up needing four stitches.  It's up there in my worst experiences ever.  After her stitches were in, I asked her if I could take a picture.  She replied with a big grin and a "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese!" and I got this picture:

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