a lesson

This is why you don't let your husband take the kids to a carnival unsupervised. 

This was taken at 11pm last night when Jay arrived home with Ava, Emerson, a fish and a hermit crab.  Just like this.  No permanent habitats.  Just a bag and a plastic take-out container.  Did I mention it was 11 pm?

So, I dug through the china cabinet and found two bowls.  Once used for centerpieces for a bridal shower, they are now the temporary homes to Stripes and Goldie.  I didn't want to put the hermit crab in the bowl all by itself, so I grabbed some stones from the coffee table centerpiece and an unused sponge from my paint supplies.

So, needless to say I will be dragging all the kids to the Pet Smart as soon as it opens.  Awesome!

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